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JAMA Ophthalmology A Middle-aged Man With Bilateral Eye Redness and Pain 1 Yes 10/14/2024
JAMA Ophthalmology A Middle-aged Man With Macular Lesions and Vitritis 1 Yes 5/12/2025
JAMA Cardiology A Middle-aged Man With Sharp Chest Pain 1 Yes 5/12/2024
JAMA Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery A Middle-aged Woman With Parotid Swelling 1 Yes 5/5/2025
JAMA Cardiology A Middle-aged Woman With Recurrent Chest Pain With Troponin Elevation and Unobstructed Coronary Arteries 1 Yes 3/10/2024
JAMA Neurology A Middle-Aged Woman With Severe Scoliosis and Encephalopathy 1 Yes 11/16/2023
JAMA A Mobile Intracardiac Mass in a Middle-aged Woman 1 Yes 10/13/2023
JAMA Network Open A Modeling Approach to Radiation Therapy in the Era of COVID-19 1 Yes 4/5/2024
JAMA Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery A Mysterious Odor After Nose Blowing 1 Yes 2/18/2024
JAMA Oncology A New Approach to Simplifying and Harmonizing Cancer Clinical Trials Standardizing Eligibility Criteria 1 Yes 8/4/2023
JAMA A Next-Generation Rapid, Accurate SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Test 1 Yes 5/14/2024
JAMA Ophthalmology A Nonhealing Epithelial Defect in a Patient Experiencing Alcohol Use Disorder 1 Yes 12/30/2023
JAMA Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery A Not-So-Simple Thyroid Nodule 1 Yes 9/2/2024
JAMA Internal Medicine A Nursing Researcher's Experience in a COVID-19 Vaccine Trial 1 Yes 12/23/2023
JAMA Ophthalmology A Painful Right Maxillary Swelling 1 Yes 9/24/2023
JAMA Cardiology A Patient in His 50s With Chest Tightness and Left Arm and Neck Tingling 1 Yes 10/12/2023
JAMA Cardiology A Patient Presenting With a Viral Prodrome, Palpitations, Dizziness, and Heart Block 1 Yes 11/25/2023
JAMA A Patient With Dizziness, Chest Pain, Rash, and Nail Changes 1 Yes 11/20/2023
JAMA Ophthalmology A Patient With Glaucoma With Corneal Edema 1 Yes 6/25/2023
JAMA A Patient With Jaundice and Malaise 1 Yes 6/28/2025