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JAMA Ophthalmology A Middle-aged Man With Macular Lesions and Vitritis 1 Yes 5/12/2025
JAMA Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery A Middle-aged Woman With Parotid Swelling 1 Yes 5/5/2025
JAMA A Nationwide Network of Health AI Assurance Laboratories 1 Yes 12/20/2026
JAMA Neurology A New Framework for Dementia Nomenclature 1 Yes 10/16/2024
JAMA Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery A Not-So-Simple Thyroid Nodule 1 Yes 9/2/2024
JAMA Cardiology A Patient in Their 70s With Bright Red Blood in the Pericardiocentesis Catheter 1 Yes 7/5/2025
JAMA A Patient With Jaundice and Malaise 1 Yes 6/28/2025
JAMA A Patient With Oral Discomfort and Reduced Oral Aperture 1 Yes 3/4/2027
JAMA Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery A Perplexing Pediatric Parotid Mass 1 Yes 1/6/2025
JAMA Ophthalmology A Pigmented Epiretinal Membrane in the Eighth Decade of Life 1 Yes 10/13/2025
JAMA Ophthalmology A Pigmented Iris Lesion 1 Yes 10/27/2025
JAMA Dermatology A Pinpoint Orifice on the Glans Penis of a Young Man 1 Yes 3/29/2026
JAMA Dermatology A Practical Approach to the Management of Digital Ulcers in Patients With Systemic Sclerosis - A Narrative Review 1 Yes 7/21/2024
American Medical Association A Primer on the Opioid Morbidity and Mortality 0.75 Yes 11/11/2024
JAMA Ophthalmology A Pruritic Eyelid Lesion Followed by Conjunctival Swelling 1 Yes 8/4/2025
JAMA Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery A Rapid Olfactory Test as a Potential Screening Tool for COVID-19 1 Yes 8/4/2024
JAMA Dermatology A Rapidly Enlarging Facial Abscess 1 Yes 9/7/2025
JAMA OtolaryngologyHead & Neck Surgery A Rare Case of Sudden Massive Neck Tumor 1 Yes 3/7/2027
JAMA Ophthalmology A Recurrent Orbital Hemorrhage in an Older Adult 1 Yes 8/11/2025
JAMA Dermatology A Reddish Semitransparent Tumor in an Adolescent Girl 1 Yes 8/9/2026