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Activity Type CME Provider Title Credit Hours Fee End Date
JAMA Surgery A Large Abdominal Mass in a Young Man 1 Yes 3/7/2021
JAMA Surgery A Not-So-Simple Groin Mass 1 Yes 9/26/2021
JAMA Surgery A Rare Cause of Small-Bowel Ischemia 1 Yes 11/29/2020
JAMA Surgery A Visit to the Emergency Department With Neck and Shoulder Pain 1 Yes 8/8/2021
JAMA Surgery Abdominal Handlebar Injury 1 Yes 12/6/2020
JAMA Surgery Abdominal Pain in Pregnancy 1 Yes 10/31/2021
JAMA Surgery Abdominal Trauma Related to a Bicycle Accident 1 Yes 3/21/2021
JAMA Surgery Acute Abdominal Pain in a Postmenopausal Woman 1 Yes 7/11/2021
JAMA Surgery Breast Mass in a Man 1 Yes 11/8/2020
JAMA Surgery Chronic Back Pain and a Bulge 1 Yes 7/25/2021
JAMA Surgery Chronic Bowel Obstruction in a Middle-aged Man 1 Yes 8/22/2021
JAMA Surgery Computed Tomography in a Patient With Blunt Trauma 1 Yes 5/9/2021
JAMA Surgery Elderly Man With Left Iliac Fossa and Inguinal Pain 1 Yes 4/25/2021
JAMA Surgery Guidelines for Perioperative Care in Cardiac Surgery: Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Society Recommendations 1 Yes 8/21/2022
JAMA Surgery Multiple Liver Lesions in a Woman With Asthenia, Anorexia, and Fever 1 Yes 4/18/2021
JAMA Surgery Patient With Ulcerative Colitis and Abdominal Pain 1 Yes 1/3/2021
JAMA Surgery Patient With Unexplained Weight Loss, Anorexia, and Back Pain 1 Yes 9/12/2021
JAMA Surgery Prenatal and Postnatal Intervention for a Congenital Lung Mass 1 Yes 6/13/2021
JAMA Surgery Progression in a Patient With Previously Treated Atherosclerotic Disease 1 Yes 2/21/2021
JAMA Surgery Progressive Acute Abdominal Pain 1 Yes 10/18/2020