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JAMA Internal MedicineThe Carbohydrate-Insulin Model of Obesity: Beyond "Calories In, Calories Out"1Yes8/6/2021
JAMA Internal MedicineThe COVID-19 Pandemic - An Opportune Time to Update Medical Licensing1Yes1/14/2024
JAMA Internal MedicineThe COVID-19 Pandemic and the JAMA Network1Yes9/29/2023
JAMA Internal MedicineThe Dangers of Using Tumor Markers to Evaluate Nonspecific Symptoms:A Teachable Moment1Yes7/6/2023
JAMA Internal MedicineThe Importance of Obtaining Sexual History in Older Adults: A Teachable Moment1Yes12/2/2022
JAMA Internal MedicineThe Mental Health Consequences of COVID-19 and Physical Distancing:The Need for Prevention and Early Intervention1Yes4/16/2023
JAMA Internal MedicineThe Risks of Prescribing Hydroxychloroquine for Treatment of COVID-19 First, Do No Harm1Yes4/30/2023
JAMA Internal MedicineTrends in Outpatient Care Delivery and Telemedicine During the COVID-19 Pandemic in the US1Yes11/19/2023
JAMA Internal MedicineTrends in the Use of Knee Arthroscopy in Adults1Yes1/28/2023
JAMA Internal MedicineUnemployment Insurance, Health-Related Social Needs, Health Care Access, and Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic1Yes12/7/2023
JAMA Internal MedicineUS Public Concerns About the COVID-19 Pandemic From Results of a Survey Given via Social Media1Yes4/7/2023
JAMA Internal MedicineUse and Content of Primary Care Office-Based vs Telemedicine Care Visits During the COVID-19 Pandemic in the US1Yes10/5/2023
JAMA Internal MedicineVariation in US Hospital Mortality Rates for Patients Admitted With COVID-19 During the First 6 Months of the Pandemic1Yes1/14/2024
JAMA Internal MedicineWe Need Blood and I Am Not Allowed to Help1Yes9/10/2023
JAMA Internal MedicineWeekly and Monthly Subcutaneous Buprenorphine Depot Formulations vs Daily Sublingual Buprenorphine With Naloxone for Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder:A Randomized Clinical Trial1Yes6/4/2021
JAMA Internal MedicineWhat Other Countries Can Learn From Italy During the COVID-19 Pandemic1Yes4/7/2023