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American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Journal CME, May 2018: Diagnostic Validity of Combining History Elements and Physical Examination Tests for Traumatic and Degenerative Symptomatic Meniscal Tears 1 Yes 5/30/2021
American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Journal CME, May 2018: Use of Mental Health Services by Adolescents after Traumatic Brain Injury: Findings from a Randomized Controlled Trial 1 Yes 5/30/2021
American Association for Physician Leadership Develop Effective Teams 5.0 Yes 5/31/2021
American Association for Physician Leadership Establish a Just Culture 4.0 Yes 5/31/2021
American College of Preventive Medicine Patient Safety: Populations to People 1.5 Yes 5/31/2021
JAMA Ophthalmology Severe Progressive Vision Loss in a Teenager 1 Yes 5/31/2021
Johns Hopkins University The Johns Hopkins Neuroradiology Review 26.5 Yes 5/31/2021
University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine Web M&M - Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Out-of-Office Test Result Management 1.0 No 5/31/2021
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services SNF Consolidated Billing 1.0 No 6/1/2021
American Medical Association Precision Medicine for Your Practice: Interpreting Results from Somatic Cancer Panel Testing 0.5 Yes 6/4/2021
JAMA Neurology Proptosis and Double Vision in a Child 1 Yes 6/4/2021
JAMA Replacing the Trachea: An Exciting New Procedure; But How Do We Know It Really Works? 0.5 Yes 6/5/2021
JAMA Dermatology Polymorphic Erythematous Macules and Plaques With Dysesthesia 1 Yes 6/6/2021
JAMA Ophthalmology Bilateral Retinal Detachments Presenting With Acute Angle Closure 1 Yes 6/7/2021
JAMA Ophthalmology New Ophthalmoplegia and Recurrent Ptosis After Ptosis Repair Surgery 1 Yes 6/7/2021
Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine ECHO - Hepatitis C: Treatment and Elimination - Fall 2020 16 No 6/10/2021
Louisiana Medical Mutual Insurance Company (LAMMICO) EFM Case Study #19: Substance and Opioid Use Disorders in Pregnancy 2 Yes 6/11/2021
JAMA Neurology Neurologic Abnormalities After Atrial Fibrillation Ablative Procedure 1 Yes 6/11/2021
JAMA Screening for Cardiovascular Disease Risk With Electrocardiography 0.5 Yes 6/12/2021
JAMA When Will It Stop? Clinicians Are Still Ordering Routine ECGs Despite Recommendations to the Contrary 0.5 Yes 6/12/2021