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Activity Type CME Provider Title Credit Hours Fee End Date
Children's Mercy Hospital 2020 Vascular Malformation (Radiology/Derm) Case Conference 12 No 12/31/2020
JAMA 24-Hour Urine Calcium in the Evaluation and Management of Nephrolithiasis 1 Yes 8/1/2020
Continuing Education Company, Inc. 24th Annual Hypertension, Diabetes & Dyslipidemia Conference 15 Yes 6/28/2020
Continuing Education Company, Inc. 28th Annual Primary Care Summer Conference (Session I) 20 Yes 7/3/2020
Continuing Education Company, Inc. 28th Annual Primary Care Summer Conference (Session II) 20 Yes 7/10/2020
Continuing Education Company, Inc. 2nd Annual Women's Health Conference 15 Yes 9/16/2020
Continuing Education Company, Inc. 4th Annual National Hospitalist Conference 15 Yes 9/11/2020
Continuing Education Company, Inc. 5th Annual Emergency & Urgent Care Medicine for the Primary Care Provider Conference 15 Yes 10/25/2020
Continuing Education Company, Inc. 5th Annual Internal Medicine in Primary Care Conference 20 Yes 8/7/2020
JAMA Cardiology 71-Year-Old Man With Recurrent Dyspnea Following Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement 1 Yes 6/20/2021
JAMA Cardiology 75-Year-Old Woman With Multiple Systemic Emboli 1 Yes 11/15/2020
JAMA Ophthalmology A 12-Month-Old Boy With Bilateral Facial Swelling and Proptosis 1 Yes 4/12/2021
JAMA Ophthalmology A 2-Year History of Diplopia, Optic Disc Edema, and Amaurosis 1 Yes 11/1/2021
JAMA A 22-Year-Old Man With Painful Vesicles on His Flank 1 Yes 3/26/2022
JAMA Cardiology A 30-Year-Old Man With Recurrent Dyspnea and Palpitations 1 Yes 1/17/2021
JAMA Cardiology A 40-Year-Old Man With Palpitations 1 Yes 3/14/2021
JAMA Cardiology A 44-Year-Old Woman With Dilated Cardiomyopathy 1 Yes 7/17/2022
JAMA Cardiology A 52-Year-Old Man With Unheralded Syncope 1 Yes 10/18/2020
JAMA A 54-Year-Old Man With Pancytopenia 1 Yes 2/11/2022
JAMA A 58-Year-Old Man With a Macerated Rash of the Neck and Axilla 1 Yes 4/10/2021