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Activity Type CME Provider Title Credit Hours Fee End Date
JAMA Dermatology Intertriginous Multiple Reddish-Brown Papulonodules 1 Yes 4/11/2021
JAMA Dermatology Linear and Arborizing Atrophic Plaque in an Elderly Man 1 Yes 7/3/2022
JAMA Dermatology Linear Keratotic Lesions in a Young Woman 1 Yes 5/23/2021
JAMA Dermatology Multiple Atrophic Papules and Plaques on the Trunk and Extremities of a Young Man 1 Yes 8/7/2022
JAMA Dermatology Multiple Lip Papules and Nodules in an Adult Man 1 Yes 3/6/2022
JAMA Dermatology Necrotic Plaque on the Distal Nose With Diffuse Crateriform Nodules 1 Yes 9/5/2021
JAMA Dermatology Necrotizing Anogenital Ulcer in a Healthy 8-Month-Old Male 1 Yes 5/16/2021
JAMA Dermatology Nonhealing Crusted Scalp Lesions in a 4-Year-Old Boy 1 Yes 1/17/2021
JAMA Dermatology Numerous Pink-Purple Papules in a Middle-aged Man 1 Yes 9/25/2022
JAMA Dermatology Painful Indurated Plaques on the Vulva 1 Yes 7/17/2022
JAMA Dermatology Palatal Swelling in a Patient With Refractory Leukemia 1 Yes 8/22/2021
JAMA Dermatology Perforating Papules in a Patient With Acute Myeloid Leukemia 1 Yes 5/15/2022
JAMA Dermatology Periumbilical Papules in a Middle-aged Woman 1 Yes 10/23/2022
JAMA Dermatology Persistent Malar Erythema With Atrophy in a Young Woman 1 Yes 6/20/2021
JAMA Dermatology Polymorphic Erythematous Macules and Plaques With Dysesthesia 1 Yes 6/6/2021
JAMA Dermatology Pruritic, Annular Plaques With Pustules on a Middle-aged Man 1 Yes 2/13/2022
JAMA Dermatology Punctate Keratotic Papules on the Palm 1 Yes 10/2/2022
JAMA Dermatology Rapidly Evolving Necrotic Plaques and Nodules in a Middle-aged Woman 1 Yes 2/19/2023
JAMA Dermatology Recurrent Blistering in an Infant 1 Yes 1/2/2023
JAMA Dermatology Recurrent Bullous Eruption in a Young Woman 1 Yes 12/12/2021