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American Medical Association Social Media Channels in Health Care Research and Rising Ethical Issues 1 Yes 10/31/2020
Medical Risk Management, Inc. Spotlight on Patient Safety: Reducing Medical Errors through Crew Resource Management 6 Yes 10/31/2020
University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine Web M&M - Translating From Normal to Abnormal 1.0 No 10/31/2020
JAMA Ophthalmology New-Onset Floaters as Presenting Symptom 1 Yes 11/2/2020
Lowell General Hospital Modern Autopsy in the Time of COVID-19 1 No 11/4/2020
JAMA Interpretation of Urine Drug Screens 1 Yes 11/7/2020
JAMA Surgery Breast Mass in a Man 1 Yes 11/8/2020
JAMA Oncology A Young Man With Disseminated Intra-abdominal Masses 1 Yes 11/9/2020
JAMA Ophthalmology Pediatric Patient With T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma and Acute Vision Loss 1 Yes 11/9/2020
Lowell General Hospital OBESITY AND METABOLISM 1 No 11/11/2020
JAMA Cardiology 75-Year-Old Woman With Multiple Systemic Emboli 1 Yes 11/15/2020
JAMA Dermatology Hyperpigmented Cutaneous Plaques With Ulceration on the Legs 1 Yes 11/15/2020
JAMA Ophthalmology A Peripapillary Defect in a Woman With Myopia 1 Yes 11/16/2020
JAMA Oncology Gradually Worsening Pruritic Plaques 1 Yes 11/16/2020
Lowell General Hospital COST EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT OF GI PROBLEMS 1 No 11/18/2020
JAMA Are They Safe? Drugs and Devices Receiving Accelerated Approval by the FDA 0.5 Yes 11/21/2020
JAMA Breast Cancer Surgery: Less Is More 0.5 Yes 11/21/2020
JAMA Delirium: Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment 0.5 Yes 11/21/2020
JAMA Dual Antiplatelet Therapy: Balancing Ischemic and Bleeding Risk 0.5 Yes 11/21/2020
American Medical Association Ethics Issues in Organ Donation 1 Yes 11/21/2020