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University of California, San Francisco, School of MedicineWeb M&M - Which Line: Ordering Provider or Proceduralist?1.0No3/1/2022
JAMA Internal MedicineWeekly and Monthly Subcutaneous Buprenorphine Depot Formulations vs Daily Sublingual Buprenorphine With Naloxone for Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder:A Randomized Clinical Trial1Yes6/4/2021
JAMAWeighing the Benefits and Risks of Proliferating Observational Treatment Assessments:Observational Cacophony, Randomized Harmony1Yes8/3/2023
JAMA OncologyWeight-Based Dosing of Pembrolizumab Every 6 Weeks in the Time of COVID-191Yes5/28/2023
JAMAWhat Do I Need to Know About e-Cigarettes and If They Help People Stop Smoking?0.5Yes12/20/2022
AMA Journal of EthicsWhat Does the Public Need to Know About Brain Death?1Yes12/1/2023
American Medical AssociationWhat If a Resident or Medical Student Is Raped? Hospitals' and Academic Medical Centers' Title IX Obligations1Yes12/31/2023
JAMA SurgeryWhat Is an Aerosol-Generating Procedure?1Yes1/14/2024
JAMAWhat Is COVID-19?1Yes7/14/2023
JAMAWhat Is Herd Immunity?1Yes10/22/2023
JAMAWhat Is It Like to Have COVID-19?0.25Yes9/4/2023
Maine Medical Education TrustWhat Maine Frontline Warmline has Learning from Supporting Frontline Operations During COVID191.5Yes12/31/2021
JAMA Internal MedicineWhat Other Countries Can Learn From Italy During the COVID-19 Pandemic1Yes4/7/2023
JAMAWhat Should Students or Residents Do When Abused by Faculty0.5Yes9/26/2022
AMA Journal of EthicsWhat Should We Do About the Mismatch Between the Legal Criteria for Death and How Brain Death Is Diagnosed?1Yes12/1/2023
AMA Journal of EthicsWhat Should We Do When Families Refuse Testing for Brain Death?1Yes12/1/2023
JAMA SurgeryWhat Surgeons Should Know About NonVitamin K Oral Anticoagulants: A Review1Yes6/20/2021
JAMA SurgeryWhat Surgeons Should Know About NonVitamin K Oral Anticoagulants: A Review1Yes6/20/2021
The Ohio State University Wexner Medical CenterWhat The Physician Needs To Know About Human Trafficking1.0Yes1/25/2022
American Medical AssociationWhat to Look for in Your First or Next Practice0.5Yes6/11/2023