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JAMA A Man With a Nonblanchable Purpuric Rash 1 Yes 6/13/2020
JAMA Epistaxis, Ecchymoses, and an Abnormal White Blood Cell Count 1 Yes 7/25/2020
JAMA Cancer DNA in the Circulation: The Liquid Biopsy 1 Yes 10/3/2020
Flagler Hospital, Inc. Tumor Board Conferences 17 No 11/25/2020
JAMA Ulcerated Nodule of the Fingernail 1 Yes 2/20/2021
JAMA Dermatology Erythematous Plaque on the Inferior Eyelid 1 Yes 4/18/2021
JAMA Otolaryngology–Head & Neck Surgery Nodular Mass in the Upper Lip 1 Yes 7/26/2021
JAMA The Direct Antiglobulin Test for Evaluating Anemia 1 Yes 12/21/2021
American Medical Association Precision Medicine For Your Practice: Prenatal Cell-Free DNA Screening 0.75 Yes 8/21/2022
JAMA Joint Pain and Proteinuria 1 Yes 9/5/2022
American Medical Association Daily Team Huddles 0.5 Yes 10/2/2022
JAMA Dermatology Rapidly Evolving Necrotic Plaques and Nodules in a Middle-aged Woman 1 Yes 2/19/2023
JAMA COVID-19 Update With NIAID's Anthony 0.5 Yes 3/16/2023