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American Medical Association Working with Surrogate Decision Makers 0.5 Yes 1/13/2023
JAMA An Inconvenient Tooth 0.5 Yes 1/14/2023
JAMA The Aging Clinician: When Should Older Clinicians' Cognitive Abilities Be Evaluated? 0.5 Yes 1/14/2023
JAMA NICE Guidelines for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding - What to Make of Them 0.5 Yes 1/21/2023
JAMA The American Heart Association Takes a Stance Against e-Cigarettes 0.5 Yes 1/21/2023
JAMA The Keto Diet: Advice for Patients 0.5 Yes 1/28/2023
JAMA The Keto, Atkins, and Pritikin Diets 0.5 Yes 1/28/2023
AMA Journal of Ethics Ethics Talk: Providing Compassionate Care for Transmen 0.5 Yes 2/1/2023
JAMA Football Players and Erectile Dysfunction Associated With Repetitive Head Injury 0.5 Yes 2/4/2023
JAMA Management of Chronic Stable Angina in 2020 0.5 Yes 2/4/2023
JAMA Treating Conjunctivitis and Dry Eye Disease 0.5 Yes 2/4/2023
AMA Journal of Ethics Ethics Talk: Ebola Responses in Colonial Context 0.5 Yes 2/6/2023
AMA Journal of Ethics Ethics Talk: How Do We Prepare for Human Gene Editing? 0.5 Yes 2/6/2023
AMA Journal of Ethics Ethics Talk: Quality of Life Assessments in Reconstructive Transplantation 0.5 Yes 2/6/2023
Potomac Center for Medical Education Targeted Therapies For Atopic Dermatitis: On the Cusp of a Golden Era? 1.0 No 2/8/2023
JAMA 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Update 0.5 Yes 2/10/2023
JAMA The 2019 Coronavirus Outbreak – What We Know So Far 0.5 Yes 2/10/2023
JAMA Coronavirus Infections: More Than Just the Common Cold 0.5 Yes 2/11/2023
JAMA Parkinson Disease 0.5 Yes 2/11/2023
JAMA Testing for Breast Cancer Susceptibility Genes 0.5 Yes 2/11/2023