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JAMA Treating Pediatric Eczema 0.25 Yes 4/7/2023
JAMA Treating Opioid Use Disorder With Buprenorphine Implants 0.5 Yes 9/5/2023
American Medical Association Treating Older Adults: Practical Guidance for Pain Management 1 Yes 12/11/2023
JAMA Treating COVID-19 Off-Label Drug Use, Compassionate Use, and Randomized Clinical Trials During Pandemics 1 Yes 3/24/2023
JAMA Treating Conjunctivitis and Dry Eye Disease 0.5 Yes 2/4/2023
American Medical Association Treating Common Pain Conditions: Practical Guidance for Pain Management 1.75 Yes 12/11/2023
American Medical Association Treating Colleagues, Family, and Self 0.25 Yes 12/31/2024
JAMA Treating Chronic Sinusitis in Adults 0.5 Yes 9/12/2023
JAMA Translating Science on COVID-19 to Improve Clinical Care and Support the Public Health Response 1 Yes 5/26/2023
JAMA Ophthalmology Transient Vision Loss in a Healthy Older Woman 1 Yes 8/13/2023
American Medical Association Training Physicians in the Art of the Public Forum 0.5 Yes 1/14/2024
JAMA Training and Fit Testing of Health Care Personnel for Reusable Elastomeric Half-Mask Respirators Compared With Disposable N95 Respirators 1 Yes 3/26/2023
JAMA Toward Universal Deployable Guidelines for the Care of Patients With COVID-19 1 Yes 3/27/2023
JAMA Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery Tonsillar Hypertrophy in a Patient With Obstructive Sleep Apnea 1 Yes 1/9/2023
JAMA Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery Timing of Tracheostomy for Patients With COVID-19 in the ICUSetting Precedent in Unprecedented Times 1 Yes 9/11/2023
JAMA Time Course of a Second Outbreak of COVID-19 in Beijing, China, June-July 2020 1 Yes 8/27/2023
JAMA Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery The Worst PatientA Physician With COVID-19 1 Yes 9/14/2023
JAMA The Underappreciated Problem of Cardiac Disease in Women 0.5 Yes 12/17/2022
JAMA The Transformational Effects of COVID-19 on Medical Education 1 Yes 8/27/2023
JAMA Neurology The Spectrum of Neurologic Disease in the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Pandemic Infection:Neurologists Move to the Frontlines 1 Yes 4/16/2023