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Louisiana Medical Mutual Insurance Company (LAMMICO) "I'm Sorry": The Benefits and Limitations of State Apology Laws 1 Yes 5/9/2021
American Medical Association "Teach-to-Goal" to Better Assess Informed Consent Comprehension among Incarcerated Clinical Research Participants 1 Yes 8/31/2020
American Academy of Pediatrics 2018 PREP Adolescent Medicine 18 Yes 12/31/2020
American Association of Neuromuscular & Electrodiagnostic Medicine 2019 Neuromuscular Self-Assessment Examination - Online 4 Yes 5/31/2022
Children's Mercy Hospital 2020 Neuroradiology Multidisciplinary Case Conference 12 No 12/31/2020
JAMA Neurology A Case of Muscle Twitching With Psoriasis 1 Yes 7/15/2022
JAMA Neurology A Case of Progressive Myelopathy in a Middle-aged Woman 1 Yes 9/3/2022
JAMA Ophthalmology A Diver With Double Vision 1 Yes 6/29/2020
JAMA Neurology A Rare Form of Lipid Metabolic Encephalopathy 1 Yes 10/21/2022
JAMA Otolaryngology–Head & Neck Surgery A Unified Cause of Cranial Polyneuropathy 1 Yes 12/20/2021
JAMA Ophthalmology A White Lesion in the Retina 1 Yes 6/14/2021
JAMA Neurology A Woman in Her 40s With Transient Neurological Symptoms, Migraine Headaches, and Hearing Loss 1 Yes 3/11/2022
JAMA Cardiology A Woman in Her Late 50s With Palpitations and Light-headedness 1 Yes 12/20/2020
AcademicCME Advanced Therapeutic Strategies and Family Planning for Women with Multiple Sclerosis 1.50 No 7/7/2021
JAMA Alzheimer Disease Overview and the Possibility That It's Caused by Infections 0.5 Yes 9/26/2020
JAMA Ophthalmology An 18-Month-Old With a White Optic Nerve Head Mass 1 Yes 9/26/2022
JAMA Ophthalmology Anterior Optic Neuropathy in a Patient With Cyclical Fevers 1 Yes 1/16/2023
Louisiana Medical Mutual Insurance Company (LAMMICO) APRNs and the Collaborative Practice Agreement 1 Yes 7/19/2020
Louisiana Medical Mutual Insurance Company (LAMMICO) Beyond Informed Consent 1 Yes 2/5/2023
JAMA Ophthalmology Bilateral Visual Field Loss in an Adolescent Girl With Migraine Headaches 1 Yes 6/14/2021