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Activity TypeCME Provider Title Credit Hours Fee End Date
American Society of Addiction MedicineASAM Criteria One-Day Foundations Course8Yes3/5/2022
Oregon Health & Science University School of MedicineECHO - Chronic Pain and Opioids ECHO - Winter 202116No5/4/2021
Oregon Health & Science University School of MedicineECHO - Effective Systems for Treating Addiction12No6/24/2021
Oregon Health & Science University School of MedicineECHO - Substance Use Disorder in Hospital Care, Spring 202113No6/23/2021
JAMA PsychiatryEffect of Developmentally Adapted Cognitive Processing Therapy for Youth With Symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder After Childhood Sexual and Physical Abuse:A Randomized Clinical Trial1Yes5/1/2022
American Society of Addiction MedicineMoving Beyond the Barriers of Treating Opioid Use Disorder2.5No7/20/2021
Massachusetts Medical SocietyNEJM Knowledge+ Pain Management and Opioids10No4/2/2022
American College of PhysiciansOpioid Risk Management20Yes7/31/2021
JAMA PediatricsOutcomes of Extremely Preterm Infants With Birth Weight Less Than 400 g1Yes5/6/2022
American Psychiatric AssociationPatient Safety in Psychiatry4Yes3/1/2024
American Psychiatric AssociationPIP: Clinical Module for the Care of Patients with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder20Yes8/31/2022
American Psychiatric AssociationPIP: Physician Practice Assessment Tool for the Assessment and Treatment of Adults at Risk for Suicide and Suicide-Related Behaviors20Yes5/31/2023
JAMA PediatricsPrevalence and Incidence of Anxiety and Depression Among Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults With Life-Limiting Conditions:A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis1Yes9/2/2022
Medical Risk Management, Inc.Risk Management Rounds: Psychiatry, Second Edition5Yes12/31/2021
Oregon Health & Science University School of MedicineSubstance Use Disorder Leadership ECHO12No7/26/2021
American Society of Addiction MedicineThe ASAM Criteria Course8Yes1/29/2022
American Society of Addiction MedicineThe ASAM Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder Course: Includes Waiver Qualifying Requirements8Yes12/1/2021
American Society of Addiction MedicineUsing AMNet to Track Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Outcomes1No1/27/2022
Maine Medical Education TrustWhat Maine Frontline Warmline has Learning from Supporting Frontline Operations During COVID191.5Yes12/31/2021
JAMA PediatricsYouth and Adult Arrests for Cannabis Possession After Decriminalization and Legalization of Cannabis1Yes10/11/2022