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JAMA Your Watch Can Tell You the Time and If You Are About to Die From a Cardiac Arrhythmia 0.5 Yes 1/29/2022
JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery Young Woman Referred for a Drooping Eyelid 1 Yes 8/16/2021
JAMA Ophthalmology Young Man With Severe Bilateral Papilledema 1 Yes 5/3/2021
JAMA Dermatology Yellow Periorbital Plaque and Retroperitoneal Fibrosis 1 Yes 2/20/2022
JAMA Wrong-Site Surgery 1 Yes 11/28/2020
American Medical Association Working with Surrogate Decision Makers 0.5 Yes 1/17/2022
JAMA Working on the Precipice: On the Frontlines of the AIDS Epidemic at the CDC 0.5 Yes 8/7/2021
JAMA Oncology Widespread Thickened, Verrucous, Hyperpigmented Plaques in a Woman With Weight Loss 1 Yes 3/14/2022
JAMA Cardiology Wide Complex Tachycardia in an Elderly Woman 1 Yes 6/21/2020
JAMA Cardiology Wide Complex Tachycardia in a Woman in Her 30s With Electrolyte Derangements 1 Yes 12/26/2022
JAMA Cardiology Wide Complex Tachycardia and Syncope in a Middle-aged Woman 1 Yes 11/7/2021
JAMA Why the New Sepsis Guideline Changed 0.5 Yes 10/24/2020
JAMA Ophthalmology White Retinal Lesions in a Patient With Leukemia 1 Yes 11/22/2020
JAMA When Will It Stop? Clinicians Are Still Ordering Routine ECGs Despite Recommendations to the Contrary 0.5 Yes 6/12/2021
JAMA What You Need to Know About Syphilis in 2018 0.5 Yes 9/4/2021
JAMA What to Do When There Is an Overdose of Insulin 0.5 Yes 12/26/2020
JAMA What Should Students or Residents Do When Abused by Faculty 0.5 Yes 9/26/2020
American Medical Association What If a Resident or Medical Student Is Raped? Hospitals' and Academic Medical Centers' Title IX Obligations 1 Yes 12/31/2020
JAMA What Do I Need to Know About e-Cigarettes and If They Help People Stop Smoking? 0.5 Yes 12/20/2022
JAMA Oncology Weakness and Myalgia in a Patient With Hepatocellular Carcinoma Undergoing Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy 1 Yes 8/29/2022