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JAMA Internal MedicineContact Tracing Assessment of COVID-19 Transmission Dynamics in Taiwan0.25Yes5/5/2023
JAMA Internal MedicineEffect of Collaborative Dementia Care on Quality of Life, Caregiver Well-being, and Health Care Use0.25Yes4/3/2023
JAMA Internal MedicinePhysician and Trainee Experiences With Patient Bias0.5Yes6/26/2023
JAMA Internal Medicine Sweden and COVID-191Yes10/5/2023
JAMA Internal MedicineA Nursing Researcher's Experience in a COVID-19 Vaccine Trial1Yes12/23/2023
JAMA Internal MedicineAccuracy of Physicians' Electrocardiogram Interpretations:A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis1Yes11/2/2023
JAMA Internal MedicineAcupuncture as Adjunctive Therapy for Chronic Stable Angina: A Randomized Clinical Trial1Yes10/7/2022
JAMA Internal MedicineAddressing Spiritual and Religious Needs in Advanced Illness:A Teachable Moment1Yes1/4/2024
JAMA Internal MedicineAldosterone Antagonist Therapy and Mortality in Patients With ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction Without Heart Failure: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis1Yes7/2/2021
JAMA Internal MedicineAn Implementation Guide to Promote Sleep and Reduce Sedative-Hypnotic Initiation for Noncritically Ill Inpatients1Yes7/1/2022
JAMA Internal MedicineAnalysis of Computed Tomography Radiation Doses Used for Lung Cancer Screening Scans1Yes12/2/2022
JAMA Internal MedicineAntibiotic Discretion in the Treatment of Acute Uncomplicated Diverticulitis: A Teachable Moment1Yes9/4/2021
JAMA Internal MedicineAntibodies, Immunity, and COVID-191Yes11/25/2023
JAMA Internal MedicineAnticholinergic Drug Exposure and the Risk of Dementia:A Nested Case-Control Study1Yes8/5/2022
JAMA Internal MedicineAnticoagulation and Antiplatelet Therapy in Atrial Fibrillation:A Teachable Moment1Yes9/8/2023
JAMA Internal MedicineAssessment of COVID-19 Hospitalizations by Race/Ethnicity in 12 States1Yes8/21/2023
JAMA Internal MedicineAssessment of Filled Buprenorphine Prescriptions for Opioid Use Disorder During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic1Yes1/14/2024
JAMA Internal MedicineAssessment of SARS-CoV-2 RNA Test Results Among Patients Who Recovered From COVID-19 With Prior Negative Results1Yes11/13/2023
JAMA Internal MedicineAssociation Between Exposure to Pyrethroid Insecticides and Risk of All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality in the General US Adult Population1Yes3/2/2023
JAMA Internal MedicineAssociation Between Nursing Home Crowding and COVID-19 Infection and Mortality in Ontario, Canada1Yes11/13/2023